3rd Annual Cybersecurity Summit Attracts
World Class Lineup of Speakers

On September 27, 2012, at the 3rd Annual Cybersecurity Summit, a capacity crowd filled the National Press Club Ballroom. Among the world class speakers were John C. (Chris) Inglis, Deputy Director, National Security Agency; Ret. General Michael Hayden, Former Director, CIA and NSA; the President of Estonia; and Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, Director, DISA.

Below is a recap of the event.

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General Michael Hayden (Ret.), Former Director of the CIA and NSA, opened the conference with a captivating address, followed by Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Kaspersky Lab.

Those "back-to-back presentations at a Washington conference painted the starkest picture to date about the severity of the cybersecurity problem," wrote Reuters Correspondent Joseph Menn in an article titled "US and Russian experts turn up volume on cybersecurity alarms," published on the same day as the conference. The Reuters article later appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Aviation Week, Yahoo! News, the Dublin News, among many other publications, blogs and twitter posts.

For a full recording of Gen. Hayden's and Eugene Kaspersky's (see below) talks and 24 more presentations, you can order the video recordings here. The full list of 26 speakers included in the video collection are listed to the right.

Following the two opening keynotes, Dr. Ron Ross, a Fellow at NIST, moderated a panel of top cybersecurity experts.

Shown above on Dr. Ross's panel are (from left to right): Dr. Michael Papay, VP, Cyber Initiatives, and CISO, Northrop Grumman; Sandi Roddy, Director, UCDMO; Roberta (Bobbie) Stempfley, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity, DHS; Richard Hale, Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, Department of Defense and Dr. Ron Ross.

For a full recording of Dr. Ron Ross's panel and over 20 more presentations, you can order the video recordings here.

Robert Bigman, who recently retired as the CIA's CISO, a position he held for 15 years, gave an in-depth discussion about the need for building "cyber concrete" in cyberspace that secures critical infrastructure.

He was followed by John Streufert (see above), Director of the National Cyber Security Division, at the Department of Homeland Security. He displayed an in-depth Powerpoint on continuous monitoring which included a detailed discussion of Federal CIO and CISO goals.

Donna Dodson, Chief, Cyber Security Division, at NIST, wrapped up the morning discussing NIST's top priorities in cybersecurity.

After lunch, Chris Inglis, the Deputy Director at the NSA, gave a wonderful talk outlining the cybersecurity priorities of the NSA.

A dynamic panel followed focused on "Building the Future .Mil in the Era of Big Data, Cloud and Data Center Consolidation."

Below is (from left to right) Grant Schneider, CIO, Defense Intelligence Agency; Robert Carey, Principal Deputy CIO, Department of Defense; Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, DIrector, DISA; and Ret. Maj. Gen. Dale Meyerrose, CEO, the Meyerrose Group.

Below is Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins (left) and Thomas K. Billington, Chair, 3rd Annual Cybersecurity Summit (right).

The next, great panel focused on Cybersecurity and the Smart Grid.

On that panel, moderated by NIST's Marianne Swanson (far right), were (from left to right below) NERC's Brian M. Harrell, Pacific Gas & Electric's CISO James Sample and DOE's Matthew Light and DHS's Lisa Kaiser.

Following the smart grid panel, Shawn Henry, President, CrowdStrike Services, Inc. (Ret. Executive Assistant Director, Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, FBI) , then held a sterling panel on law enforcement and cybercrime.

Below (from left to right) are the panelists Shawn A. Bray, Director, INTERPOL Washington; Tom Kellerman, Vice President, Cybersecurity, Trend Micro; Pablo Martinez, Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Investigative Division, U.S. Secret Service; Denise Anderson, Vice President FS-ISAC, Government and Cross-Sector Programs, FS-ISAC and moderator Shawn Henry.

For a full recording of Shawn Henry's panel and over 20 more presentations, you can order the video recordings here.

Following a keynote by Shawn Henry was Howard Schmidt, the Former Cybersecurity Coordinator for the White House.

Providing the International perspectives from the vantage point of the U.S. State Department, the next speaker was Christopher Painter, Coordinator of Cyber Issues, U.S. State Department (below).

Finally, His Excellency Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President, Republic of Estonia (below) closed the conference with an exclusive address, President Ilves outlined his International Vision for Cybersecurity and also received the first annual Billington Cybersecurity Leadership Award.

For a full recording of President Ilves' talk and 25 more presentations, you can order the video recordings here.

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