Enhance Your Organization's Cybersecurity

Taught by Robert Bigman, Former CISO at the CIA for 15 Years and President, 2BSecure for CISO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s and Senior IT Executives

Benefits of attending this comprehensive course will include:

  • Learning the critical elements to establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program, no matter what the size of your organization
  • How hackers penetrate networks, systems and applications
  • How to think clearly about vulnerability and risk management
  • Dissecting the difference between protecting data and protecting systems
  • Establishing essential policies, procedures and processes
  • Executing effective technical measures and how to stop hackers
  • Implementing a purposeful cybersecurity architecture
  • Reviewing the importance of cybersecurity operations
  • Discussing why governance is more important than technology
  • Using cyber intelligence
  • Establishing a first year cybersecurity road-map
  • Finding the best resources and free cybersecurity tools


Here's a sampling of distinguished companies that have sent representatives to past Billington events: Accenture, Citibank, Deloitte, First State Bank, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Northern Trust.

Billington CyberSecurity

Billington CyberSecurity, founded in 2010, produces world class, cybersecurity executive education forums and convenes many top thought leaders to discuss the threats, challenges and opportunities in securing our government and private sector against cyber attacks.

Thomas K. Billington, Chairman and Founder, produced his first cybersecurity conference in 2002 at BNA (now Bloomberg BNA) and spent over a decade producing hundreds of conferences, roundtables and virtual seminars at that company and at Thomson Reuters. Billington CyberSecurity now also provides customized webinars, white papers and training in the cybersecurity area.

To inquire about how Billington CyberSecurity can advance your thought leadership in cybersecurity, please contact Tom at 301-718-4483 or email tkb@billingtoncybersecurity.com.

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Why should you attend?

A high-performing cybersecurity program is critical for companies that continue to rely on technology for seamless operations. As organizations tailor their technology for easier use, many negate the additional architecture needed to execute effective security measures. Upgrading to a high-performing cybersecurity system will improve enterprise functions as well as assure quality protection from unapproved access and hacks.